José Pedro Dias

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I'm a passionate computer programmer.
My interests span from user interface design to graphics programming and game development.
I have a tendency to like tackling challenging subjects such as distributed storage and processing and serving video everywhere.

I've worked with several computer languages.
Made my MSc in C++ and OpenSG on multimodal interfaces for large screen displays;
dealt with integration with JSEE, JBoss and Tibco;
done some computer vision and real time 3D with OpenCV and OpenGL;
made some serious webscrapping and web apps with Python.

I currently use JavaScript for most of my work and side projects, trying to keep myself sane in the process.
I'm the main architect and maintainer of the SAPO Vídeos player used throughout, internal-sites such as sapo vídeos and our partners. We serve videos and ads for every browser and device, with built-in VAST 3/ VPAID 2 compliant video ad support. Must of course master browser-related technologies and loads of quirks.
I'm using node.js for most server-side development. Check my github projects, I do and share many experiments on my spare time!
I keep an eye on the functional world, though no professional work there (yet?).

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