José Pedro Dias

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I'm a passionate computer programmer.
My interests span from user interface design to graphics programming and game development.

I've worked with several computer languages. Made my MsD in C++ and OpenSG on multimodal interfaces for large screen displays; Dealt with integration with JSEE, JBoss and Tibco; done some computer vision and real time 3D with OpenCV and OpenGL; made some serious webscrapping and web apps with Python and managed a web store in ColdFusion (argh).

I currently use JavaScript for most of my work and side projects, trying to keep myself sane in the process.
Must of course master browser-related techologies and loads of quirks.
I'm using node.js for most server-side development. Check my github projects!
I keep an eye on the functional world. Am trying to get a grip on Haskell on my spare time.

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