José Pedro Dias

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I'm a passionate computer programmer.
My interests span from user interface design to graphics programming and game development.
I have a tendency to like tackling challenging subjects such as distributed storage and processing and serving video everywhere.

I've worked with several computer languages.
Made my MSc in C++ and OpenSG on multimodal interfaces for large screen displays;
dealt with integration with JSEE, JBoss and Tibco;
done some computer vision and real time 3D with OpenCV and OpenGL;
made some serious webscrapping and web apps with Python;
architected and developed the SAPO video player used by and partners such as Diário Económico and Beach Cam. It supports a myriad of devices, with built-in VAST 3/ VPAID 2 support;
contributed to the architecture of SAPO's Ink framework.

I've recently joined Sky's Lisbon office to develop their web client for the SkyStore transactional VOD store.

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